News Release

SuperGlobal News Release
For Immediate Release
Feb. 17, 2018

SuperGlobal Airlines Changes Acquisition Plan

OKLAHOMA CITY – SuperGlobal Airlines has changed its aircraft acquisition plan to save resources while modernizing its aircraft fleet. SuperGlobal CEO Michelle Cassidy announced Monday that it will purchase fewer new aircraft in the next two years than originally planned.

“We will control our size to meet the needs of our passengers and the economic environment,” Cassidy said.

Cassidy said the airline will purchase 26 new aircraft at the approximate rate of two every two months from McKillop Co.

“SuperGlobal will continue to exercise flexibility in aircraft acquisition,” Cassidy said.

SuperGlobal is the world’s second-largest airline with more than 4,200 flights every day to 390 destinations. The public-held company has been serving passengers since 1970 with a mission to spread hospitality and compassion worldwide.


For More Information:
Abby Beck
Public Relations Director

Note: This is a fictional news release written as an assignment for my message development course.

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